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10th & 11th July 2024
Hilton Hotel, Liverpool

Our programme over the next two days will cover a wide range of topics delivered by experts in the field. From the latest developments for each subtype and exploring personalised treatments, to finding out more about clinical trials and tackling difficult conversations, you decide which talks you would like to listen to. Our goal for the Summit is to empower our community through increased knowledge and understanding of research, treatments and options.

Welcome to the Make 2nds Count Secondary Breast Cancer Patient Summit, working together with ECMC and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. 

Prof Carlo Palmieri,
Secondary Breast Cancer Summit Clinical Lead

The Secondary Breast Cancer Summit is the first national patient-focused conference in the UK for secondary (metastatic) breast cancer. 

In response to invaluable insights from recent LIMBER and Metastatic Breast Cancer research studies funded by the Make 2nds Count, we've identified critical knowledge gaps within the secondary breast cancer community, and the Summit will address these. From disease understanding to clinical trials, treatment, and side effects, our bespoke event programme will meet the research information needs of the secondary breast cancer community. Our goal is to educate and empower patients, and help them feel more confident in their understanding of the disease.

Lesley Stephen,
Secondary Breast Cancer Summit Patient Lead

I’m delighted that we are launching this first UK summit for patients with secondary breast cancer.  I’ve been living with secondary breast cancer for 10 years, and in that time I have been to many cancer conferences with medical talks that can be difficult to follow if you don’t have a science background.  

I’ve often thought it would be great to offer secondary breast cancer patients the opportunity to have their own conference, ask researchers and clinicians questions about their work and find out about the latest treatments, but all presented in a way that patients can understand.

Working Together

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